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The art of Mughal painting reached great heights under Jahangir's reign.His interest in painting also served his scientific interests in nature.Jahangir was the eldest surviving son of Mughal Emperor Akbar.Impatient for power, he revolted in 1599 while Akbar was engaged in the Deccan.

He died in 1627 and was succeeded by Khurram, who took the imperial throne of Hindustan as the Emperor Shah Jahan.

However, despite the prevalance of atheism and humanism in the UK, many may be surprised to know that having no faith can be a life or death matter around the world.

In thirteen countries, you can be sentenced to death for not having a faith: 1.

From a young age he showed a leaning towards painting and had an atelier of his own.

His interest in portraiture led to much development in this artform.

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